Counselling for Addiction

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a need to do, use or take something despite if it is detrimental. It is based on a compulsive need to participate in something despite the consequences because of the fleeting pleasure felt in the moment.

It is important that we all engage in things that make us happy and feel joy. However, if we are taking part in something to the extent that it is negatively affecting other aspects of our life or it is causing extremely harmful consequences than it may be an addiction.

The Negative Consequences of Addiction

An addiction can be anything. Alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, technology, coffee, food, gambling, or anything else. Because of this there are multiple consequences of becoming addicted to something such as:

  • Negative impact on lifestyle and routine
  • Physical, mental, emotional, and psychological consequences from participating in the addiction
  • Interfering with relationships, career, finances, and health
  • Feelings of guilt, anger, disappointment, and shame

Managing Addiction Through Counselling

Creative Devotional offers aid for those experiencing an addiction through our counselling services. This is done through our counsellors who offer support, help to identify causes (triggers), develop strategies and ways to cope with your addiction.