Welcome to Creative Devotional Counselling Services 

Creative Devotional Counselling Service (CDCS) Brisbane offers psychotherapy, counselling services, and mental health therapy for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and other life challenges. In addition to individual therapy services, we also provide couples counselling and family dynamic mediation, specializing in adolescent work and children’s health. With various intervention strategies, we aim to resolve limiting beliefs that function to hold individual’s back from leading their best lives, and this is inclusive of addiction counselling, anger management support, obesity support and more. Creative Counselling Service is a confidential, respectful and caring space where we invite clients to feel safe discussing sensitive topics and explore life challenges.

CDCS has been able to help a diverse range of clients in overcoming major life obstacles and maximize their full potential. Our holistic, person-centred approach to client care is what has earned us our reputation for being one of the leading counselling services in South Brisbane. With years of experience, a welcoming and calm environment, and our ability to tailor our therapeutic approach with our clients specific needs, we are confident that we can make a positive impact in your life. 

Margoth Alvarado, head of the group, is a highly qualified Clinical Mental Health Social Worker and Counsellor. Margoth has a high degree of experience, with professional qualifications spanning multiple disciplines, including Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Sand Play Therapy, and Animal Assisted therapies, including Equine therapy and more. Margoth has worked in the Social Work field for over 20 years and has been heavily involved in Youth work, Child Protection, working with victims of crime and domestic violence. Margoth graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, Counselling and Mediation and also holds a degree in Social work and Mental Health. Furthering her studies, Margoth has a diploma in Community and Human services and has extensive experience working in the mental health and disability services sectors.

As an NDIS registered provider, Creative Devotional Counselling Services is able to offer Counselling and therapy services to NDIS participants.


  • STA/Respite- NDIS registered and private bookings available.
  • SIL and Home care services- NDIS participants and private clients.
  • Community Nursing for NDIS participants.

NDIS providers