Welcome to Creative Devotional Counselling Services from Margoth Alvarado

Creative Devotional Counselling Service (CDCS) Brisbane offers psychotherapy, counselling services, mental health therapy and are service providers for psychotherapy and mental health counselling to those suffering from anxiety, depression, needing marriage counselling and those needing addiction counselling. CDCS also provides clinical counselling and psychotherapy for obesity and for the adolescents and child health. Creative Counselling Service is a safe, confidential, respectful & caring space for discussing sensitive issues & exploring challenges.

Margoth Alvarado, head of the group, is a highly qualified & very experienced counsellor, with professional qualifications across multiple disciplines, including Psychotherapy, Sand Play Mindfulness therapy Social Work, Youth work and Child Protection, sexual abuse, Victims of crimes and Domestic violence. She has a degree in Bachelor of Social Science in Counselling and mediation. Margoth also holds a degree in Social work and mental health, a diploma in Community and Human service and extensive experienced in working with mental health and Disability service as well as child protection.

Creative Devotional Counselling Services is able to offer Counselling and therapy services to NDIS participants.

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