Counselling for Career, Job and Work

Career, Job and Work

Issues with employment whether it’s establishing your career, maintaining your job or finding work is an issue faced by many working adults in Australia. Although we all experience rough days at work, can feel stressed, and have a large workload, it is when employment is causing a decrease in our health, damaging our relationships and causing us to become overwhelmed that there may be an issue.

Negative Consequences

If we are experiencing serious issues involving employment then it can have extremely negative consequences on our physical, mental, emotional and psychological health.

Physical Impacts: Headaches, high blood pressure, soreness, weight gain, and other physical issues.

Mental Impacts: Cause depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues.

Emotional Impacts: Overwhelmed with emotions such as sadness and anger.

Psychological Impacts: Mood swings, a lack of concentration, procrastination, breakdowns, burnout, and other psychological issues.

Managing Career, Job and Work Through Counselling

Creative Devotional can offer aid in managing the issues you are experiencing through your employment. Our counsellors can help you explore the factors that are making your employment negatively impact your overall quality of life. They can equip you with strategies to manage these problems and discuss maintaining a healthy work/life balance.