Brisbane Relationship Counselling and Psychotherapy

Relationships are about the way two people interact and relate to each other. Intimacy, communication, sharing the good, bad and difficult aspects in life is characteristics of a working relationship. Two people choose each other based on attraction, shared interests and other commonalities. However relationships require effort and awareness to continually mature and grow with the time spent.

Relationship counselling for clearer communication

Here at Creative Devotional Counselling, relationship counsellors see all kinds of people – individuals, families, and couples – each with their own unique relationship situations and issues to resolve.

Having people problems?

Are you struggling to relate to your children, or finding it hard to communicate with your family? Perhaps you are at odds with your boss, or having trouble connecting with colleagues.

Relationships are complex and whatever your connections with people they can be problematic from time to time. The pressures of modern life can put a huge amount of stress on us, resulting in arguments and miscommunications with those around us, and this can leave us feeling angry, disappointed, rejected, and lonely.

If you are suffering because of relationship problems, counselling, or psychotherapy can help you discover healthier ways to relate to others.

What can psychotherapists and counsellors do?

Talking to relationship psychotherapists and counsellors will give you a safe and objective space in which to discuss your relationship concerns, helping you to move towards developing more meaningful and less stressful connections with other people.

Improve your relationships – The Creative Devotional Counselling™ approach.
Your relationship counsellor at Creative Devotional Counselling will help you identify patterns of behaviour as you talk through your experiences, which can lead to greater understanding and clarity about the changes that are needed in your relationships.

Your therapist will work with you to explore the historical patterns in your relationships to enable you to improve your communication skills, and form healthier patterns of relating for the future and move on from negative behaviours.

At the same time, your relationship with your therapist is also an important model for good communication, and will help you gain self-insight into a healthy relationship. This will support you as you work towards making better informed choices and more positive bonds with others.