Counselling for Relationships


A relationship is the way two or more people are connected. It is how they interact, communicate and spend time together. A positive relationship has the people involved openly communicate with each other, share their lives and interests together, grow together, and work together. However, when a relationship fails to do these things there can be negative consequences for the people involved.

Negative Consequences

A lack of communication, isolating from each other, separating, and disconnecting can negatively impact any relationship. It can lead to:

  • Passive aggressiveness and irritation toward each otherĀ 
  • Misunderstandings and disagreements
  • Having a negative view of those involved in the relationship
  • Arguments and quarrels
  • Cause the relationship to end and break apart

Managing Relationships Through Counselling

If you are struggling with any type of relationship – such as individual, family, romantic – Creative Devotional can aid you with each unique relationship through our counselling services. Our counsellors can help in communication, resolving issues, disagreements, and forming positive bonds.