Brisbane Parent Counselling

Unfortunately parenting does not come with a manual, nor are our children’s behaviours predictable, understandable or consistent. Due to external factors like school, peers, demands, and family difficulties, people behave in different ways. Parents parent differently from individual to individual, therefore conflict is inevitable.

Benefits of parent counsellors

Benefits of seeing parenting counsellors/psychotherapists for parenting concerns include:

  • Relief in accompanying symptoms of depression, anxiety, and low self-confidence.
  • Gain understanding and insight into your parenting style and where it originates.
  • Helps examine unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.
  • Improves communication skills and expression within family settings.
  • Provides opportunity to work through painful/confusing childhood emotions or experiences.

Is being a parent Stressful?

Being a parent can be tough, in fact it can be one of the hardest roles we have to undertake. Children do not come with a set of instructions, and while there is plenty of information available at the touch of a button, the reality of being a parent can be daunting.

One of the most difficult aspects is the expectation we put on ourselves to raise the ‘perfect’ child and to be the ‘perfect’ parents. The fact is that as human beings we all have limitations and we all have difficulties, we are far from perfect. That’s why many parents can benefit from the supportive hand of parenting counsellors.

What can psychotherapists and counsellors do?

Counselling and psychotherapy can help parents in many different ways. For some, it may be about questioning their own childhood experiences and the parenting they received, for others it may be a case of struggling to deal with a specific issue, such as bullying or toilet training.

Others may need help addressing their emotional or relationship needs that can make parenting particularly challenging, or simply finding ways of communicating better as a family.

Most forms of therapy will be able to provide parents with the space to talk about their most intimate thoughts and feelings concerning parenthood, and allow them the opportunity to further understand why parent what they do, and what strategies can be put in place to aid them with the things they want to change.