Counselling for Parenting


Parenting is to offer support to a child physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. It involves raising a child and is not exclusive to a biological relationship.

Everyone parents their child differently and every child has different wants and needs.

External factors such as family, school, work, and the community also have an impact on parenting and how people behave.

Negative Consequences

Despite our best intentions, parenting can be tough and intimidating. Even though there is a vast amount of information out there about parenting, it is often very different and contradictory. There is also the societal expectation to raise the “perfect” child and to be a “perfect” parent.  However, no one can be perfect and everyone has limitations. Placing impossible standards and struggling to parent can have negative consequences such as:

  • A decline in physical, mental, emotional and psychological health
  • Becoming overwhelmed with emotions such as sadness and anger
  • Aggressiveness and irritation
  • Arguments and quarrels
  • A decline in sleep, insomnia, and tiredness
  • Negative self talk and feeling like a “bad” parent
  • Strained relationship with child and others
  • Negatively impacting other aspects of life such as work, finances, and relationships
  • Relief in accompanying symptoms of depression, anxiety, and low self-confidence.
  • Gain understanding and insight into your parenting style and where it originates.
  • Helps examine unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.
  • Improves communication skills and expression within family settings.
  • Provides opportunity to work through painful/confusing childhood emotions or experiences.

Managing Parenting Through Counselling

Counselling through Creative Devotional can aid any parent struggling. Whether working on skills such as communication, reflecting on their own childhood experiences and the parenting they received, or having someone they can talk to about specific issues they face with their child at any stage of life; new born, baby, toddler, preschooler, child or teenager. Our counsellors provide parents a space to talk about their thoughts and feelings around parenthood and what they want moving forward as a parent.